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First Contest

Okay first contest! Sorry I am going to have to make these due in two days so this way we stay ontime with the schedule I have set up in the userinfo! I just really want a first contest. But thank you for joining!

Okay so anyways, onto the first contest, I am going to give you a base, no animation or blends may be added to this base. It must be still, basically like a stillness icontest. So if you have any questions just ask through the comments and yah I will answer them so here we go.

1. You may not have your friends vote for you, they can't know if the icon is yours, that is cheating.
2. No one may see your icon but yourself and myself.
3. Don't advertise the icon or offer it to be taken until AFTER the contest is over.
4. Comments will be screened when submitting your icons please provide the following, also if your URL doesn't work I am not respondsible if your icon doesn't get put in the contest.


That's it I believe. The base is from Britney Spears Tour Book. I got it from

Remember you have two days to get the icon in! Can't wait to see your enteries!
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