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pop_icontest's Journal

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Welcome to Pop_Icontest. Incase you are confused this is a icon competition that includes either a picture, base, or lyrics from a pop artist or a pop song. What the maker does is takes the picture or lyrics and makes an icon out of it. Once their icon is completed it is submitted anonymously and then the members vote on it. Whoever wins get's a custom award banner.

Voting takes place on Wednesday and ends on Friday which is when the winner is announced. On Friday you will know of your new challenge. You have until Tuesday 11:59PM EST to submit your icon. Late icons will not be accepted.

o1. Only one icon may be submitted per person.
o2. Don't advertise your icons! They are supposed to be kept secret! That means you can't tell your friends it is your icon and to go vote for you.
o3. Don't vote for yourself.
o4. You are held respondisble for making your icon work. If it doesn't work it will either a.) be pulled from the competition or b.) not entered in the competition.
o5. All icons must work for lj meaning 100 x 100 and 40K over the limit will not be accepted. o6. Icons will be submitted in a seperate post that tells you the theme of the icon.
o7. No icons will be accepted after the deadline!

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This community was created by dramatic_diva Currently being maintained by dramatic_diva as well. The banners are also made by her.